Eating Over 200 Snails In Paris!

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  • Апублікавана 18 Врс 2019
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  • Michael Quillen
    Michael Quillen Месяц таму +4772

    Great video Steve!!,just smoked my weed pen, I'm ripped...gonna purschase some merch!, My dream is for you to pin one of my comments...

    • oh yeah yeah
      oh yeah yeah 14 дзён таму

      This dude's like 12 lmao who calls it a "Weed pen"

    • Cody Haydu
      Cody Haydu 15 дзён таму

      I bet you that u cant hit a bowl then bungie jump over 200ft while u chug a 40oz bud light before the bungie stops bouncing with out puking

    • Tuputoa Iese
      Tuputoa Iese Месяц таму

      @JCM You live under a fucking rock

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    Why does he eat salt and lemon with his drink lol

  • kyle hernandez
    kyle hernandez 18 годин таму

    I wish I lived in la and started a new life. I hate Miami and the people down here. Family turned they’re back and shit sucks. But when I watch ur videos bro you help me get through at times

  • kyle hernandez
    kyle hernandez 18 годин таму

    Keep it up man

  • kyle hernandez
    kyle hernandez 18 годин таму

    Yo Steve man you gotta do some shit for the homeless. I’m 20 in my car in Miami and it sucks. Motivation hope. It’s hard. But sometimes I watch ur videos and Nelk boys and you guys cheer me up.

  • Justin Lawlor
    Justin Lawlor Дзень таму +1

    "The liquor told me to do this"

  • Kyle Carver
    Kyle Carver Дзень таму

    if steve ever goes missing we know who did it 11:21

  • Jon Dovik
    Jon Dovik Дзень таму

    I swear 0:00 is Faze Banks. Is tgat guy a voice actor to?

  • Hunter DaGoon
    Hunter DaGoon Дзень таму

    Earned the bell with that customgrow420 one 😂

  • Cory
    Cory 2 дні таму

    3:58 That guy seems to really dislike steve

  • Ttv -aidanfsu05
    Ttv -aidanfsu05 4 дні таму

    96+108 is 206 my guy

  • Poornaj Kanchan
    Poornaj Kanchan 5 дзён таму


  • Isaiah Aguirre
    Isaiah Aguirre 5 дзён таму

    Mmmmm, snails. Sounds good.

    (This is a joke xD)

  • Northern Redneck
    Northern Redneck 5 дзён таму

    That's alot of fuckin snails bud🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌

  • Diyar Abab
    Diyar Abab 6 дзён таму

    I never like videos on yt but this guy steve earned my fucking likes

  • D Phantom
    D Phantom 6 дзён таму

    Nino getting so much luv, Steve I can’t be ur gay gf 🙆🏽‍♀️

  • Corey Purcell
    Corey Purcell 7 дзён таму

    1. You don't even acknowledge the man sitting next to you?!!! 2. Without him there would be no Nelk and No SteveWillDoIt

  • moon boy
    moon boy 7 дзён таму

    This man killed so many snails

  • Wendy Hartman
    Wendy Hartman 7 дзён таму

    9-0 calling Steve a pussy... LOL. Steve's little toe is manlier than 905 and sends it harder.

  • Anthony Olozagaste
    Anthony Olozagaste 7 дзён таму

    “What up what up youtuuuuuubbeeeee!!!! Whatuppp!” 😂😂

  • jpaz98
    jpaz98 8 дзён таму


  • Lee Lovellette
    Lee Lovellette 8 дзён таму

    Wow my guy can’t imagine, someone should be sponsoring this shit. It’s garbage if you have to pay for all that shit.

  • Brian Pogasic
    Brian Pogasic 9 дзён таму

    RIP 905🤣🤣

  • GoodieRapper
    GoodieRapper 11 дзён таму +2


  • pl topper
    pl topper 11 дзён таму

    a big plate of babyshit mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Johnathen Rodriguez
    Johnathen Rodriguez 12 дзён таму


  • Wowthatscool1324
    Wowthatscool1324 14 дзён таму

    Fuck 90, he’s a bitch let me chill with the boys instead and enjoy your company

  • Wowthatscool1324
    Wowthatscool1324 14 дзён таму

    WHATUP BY-clips BY-clipsEE
    Love that Customgrow420 shoutout 😂

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 14 дзён таму

    Damn this dude a straight up alcoholic

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres 15 дзён таму

    Watching Narcos Lol

  • runechuckie
    runechuckie 15 дзён таму +1

    The liquor told me to do it 😆😆 love the Jim Lahey references 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Laufer
    Anthony Laufer 15 дзён таму +1

    Ay Steve big fan let’s have a drinking eating contest.

  • Annie Diaz-Paredes
    Annie Diaz-Paredes 15 дзён таму

    "Fuck you, Pablo Escobar"

  • Bella Savone
    Bella Savone 15 дзён таму

    your my type of guy marry me


    The brown China man was disrespektd heavy in this video and my guy was beginning to feel salty

  • Stuart Tyler
    Stuart Tyler 16 дзён таму

    Steve has max willpower deadass

  • Taylor •
    Taylor • 16 дзён таму

    The shoutout to CustomGrow420 this guys a real stoner

  • Kurapika
    Kurapika 16 дзён таму

    Yo my boy shout out to custom grow 420 for real thoo he fr put me on weed I watched his videos and wanted to smoke weed so bad 😂 I’m a fuckin pot head now lol

  • Nate .P
    Nate .P 16 дзён таму

    I thought I could drink... changed my mind after watching two of steves vids... get it buddy🤙

  • Brad James
    Brad James 17 дзён таму

    These are the kind of guys that would dine and dash

  • FAT.KING.818
    FAT.KING.818 18 дзён таму


  • Elmer Bud
    Elmer Bud 19 дзён таму


  • Daft Bunny
    Daft Bunny 20 дзён таму

    Well done steve you are amazing lol

  • Owen Osterman
    Owen Osterman 20 дзён таму


  • URG AndersonBoi
    URG AndersonBoi 20 дзён таму

    Is he actually gay?!

  • mike tyson
    mike tyson 20 дзён таму


  • Alec Rettig
    Alec Rettig 20 дзён таму

    Is it true what they said 905 did Steve, like this if yes

  • Evan AP
    Evan AP 21 дзень таму

    Fucking legend for calling out customgrow420

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg 21 дзень таму

    8:20 all I could think about is putting salt on snails how they would bubble up...🤮

  • 4200time B
    4200time B 21 дзень таму

    You had to have died from that.

  • Crag James
    Crag James 21 дзень таму

    Wat u call white boy wasted

  • Jordan Fowler
    Jordan Fowler 21 дзень таму

    Can you do 30 cups of ramen and down a bottle of tequila #stevewilldoit

  • Keaton Thurmond
    Keaton Thurmond 22 дні таму


  • ctphamster
    ctphamster 22 дні таму +2

    Who’s here after 90 got kicked out

  • EnviousEditors
    EnviousEditors 22 дні таму

    i hope that dude got a FATASS tip.

  • D Wreck
    D Wreck 22 дні таму

    Cool 90 was long gone. Buzzkill everytime he talks

  • joel wail
    joel wail 22 дні таму

    Can we see you jump into a bull pen and run like hell?

  • big balls
    big balls 23 дні таму

    imagine the colour of his shit.

  • G Money
    G Money 25 дзён таму +4

    Steve has a condition where he never drops below a 1.5 alcohol level😂👍

  • Papi Anders
    Papi Anders 25 дзён таму

    i always see him pounding drinks but tbh he probably doesnt get drunk from the first 10