I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work

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  • Апублікавана 16 Жнв 2019
  • I TRIED crazy PHONE HACKS to see if they actually work w/ gloom
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to life hacks that will literally change your life.
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  • Leann Koh
    Leann Koh 5 месяцаў таму +5318

    Mother:She's going to say her first word,hurry babe
    Dad:I'm coming
    Baby Azzy:HACKS,Five Minutes Hacks

    • Mansour Amakran
      Mansour Amakran 3 години таму

      Leann Koh uh League-debu

    • Adriel Nappoe
      Adriel Nappoe 8 годин таму

      Immy and Jessie’s World Now I gave you 400 likes

    • Kitty Challenges
      Kitty Challenges 11 годин таму +1

      More like five minutes wacks not hating

    • Joseph Overman
      Joseph Overman 2 дні таму

      AzzyLand cutie

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      J&J 2 дні таму

      Hi azzy

  • Mansour Amakran
    Mansour Amakran 3 години таму +1

    Dont klick on weergaven

  • _Mojo_Rising_
    _Mojo_Rising_ 9 годин таму

    but the computer might overheat and died and get broken :\

  • Mylie Alikhani
    Mylie Alikhani 13 годин таму

    [-]i {>u\/s

  • Elizabeth Dye
    Elizabeth Dye 13 годин таму

    I would like to try the glow in the dark hack

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 14 годин таму

    XD sorry

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 14 годин таму

    Mother:she is so a brat babe hurry

  • Mary Beaverson
    Mary Beaverson 15 годин таму

    Hi I loved the video

  • Hailee Mitura
    Hailee Mitura 17 годин таму

    i cant get them bc i have a iphone 8😭😭😭

  • Alise Longoria
    Alise Longoria 18 годин таму

    My family members call me as

  • Heaven Jarrett
    Heaven Jarrett 18 годин таму

    Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you’re smart

  • Creamy
    Creamy 20 годин таму

    look at the side of glooms glasses

  • Mark Field
    Mark Field Дзень таму

    this is Simon, he is a snowman. 1 like = 1 chance for Simon to not melt! uwu

  • Emma-Leigh G Kelly
    Emma-Leigh G Kelly Дзень таму

    I feel like sssniperworf are sisters because they do the same videos

  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl Дзень таму

    Azzy can you please make slime with with Kwebbelkop cos I really want to see you guys make slime PIZ ???????

  • Jorden Heimgartner
    Jorden Heimgartner Дзень таму

    Her knife skills 😒🖐️

  • Imani Davis
    Imani Davis Дзень таму +1

    I love you

  • Jataska Pietersz
    Jataska Pietersz Дзень таму

    I saw the tis the sec time today now

  • Mujgan Hosseinzadeh
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  • Mochi Chan OwO
    Mochi Chan OwO 2 дні таму

    Azzy: its a pimple
    Me: Triggered!!!

  • Mochi Chan OwO
    Mochi Chan OwO 2 дні таму

    Reply please☹️

  • Shannon Kaffine
    Shannon Kaffine 2 дні таму

    (◕ᴗ◕✿)(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  • Sophia Encina
    Sophia Encina 2 дні таму

    Me: mom my phone broke
    Mom: why
    Me:i smashed it like azzy did for phone hacks😂😂😂😂

  • Rainbow Lollipop
    Rainbow Lollipop 2 дні таму

    *Oooohhh looks like Kassie kept Azzy's "S.O.S" Art*

  • Angelica Mendoza
    Angelica Mendoza 2 дні таму +1

    Kassie: don't get a splinter now.
    Me: Are you her mother?

  • Tiny Robot Aaron
    Tiny Robot Aaron 2 дні таму

    Camry man you DOME invisible or not🤢😰💄🧐👽😄🙂😂😁😓🎂😰🤮😰💄💄💄

  • Tiny Robot Aaron
    Tiny Robot Aaron 2 дні таму

    AZZY I’m smart Cassie we are smart 2020😠😢😱😰😠😨😱😰🥵😤🐸🤮💄😱🤢💄💄💄

  • Chloie Hawkins
    Chloie Hawkins 2 дні таму

    idk what i woched

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    Mischa Price 2 дні таму


  • glapush
    glapush 3 дні таму

    12:55 laugh soo much i didnt even stop laugh

  • Faith Lusi Ulupoao
    Faith Lusi Ulupoao 3 дні таму

    You look good with the glasses >:3

  • jaysonmd1
    jaysonmd1 3 дні таму

    I really want the glow in the dark phone cases! :)

  • Paradox Reddit
    Paradox Reddit 3 дні таму

    ! GIRL!
    ! GIRL!

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez 3 дні таму

    Can i have a phone case i want the snow globe

  • Athena and Dad Robasciotti
    Athena and Dad Robasciotti 3 дні таму

    I have two phones I have

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith 3 дні таму

    I needed a new phone case

  • John Johannes
    John Johannes 3 дні таму

    She was jogging and it fell out of her hands

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  • M4dz Fotball
    M4dz Fotball 3 дні таму

    Is gloom from Norway she said ja

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    Fabio Mobiglia 3 дні таму

    And then you can get a good one e

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    Ola Serafin 3 дні таму

    The case is only for iphone 😭

  • Chris Davey
    Chris Davey 3 дні таму

    I am a big fan

  • Mei Mei Noble
    Mei Mei Noble 4 дні таму

    When azzyland was born there was five minute hacks?

  • jason han
    jason han 4 дні таму +2

    lol the part where she ate the lemon was sooo funny

  • Aimee Campos
    Aimee Campos 4 дні таму

    What do you use more than your phone?

  • GoldenCat
    GoldenCat 4 дні таму

    whos walking in the background at 6:31?

  • Ibra Omar
    Ibra Omar 4 дні таму

    What Hack a whack?????😶😶😶😐😐😐😑😑😑

  • Renae Sherrah
    Renae Sherrah 4 дні таму

    5 minute craft or 2 minute buying and everyone search Jakob Patching and subscribe to him

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    I follow you

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    do you need a new phone azzy

  • Peachi Nguyen
    Peachi Nguyen 4 дні таму

    Omg my mum has a case like the i even once used her case it was so cool!

  • 3 super sister s
    3 super sister s 4 дні таму +1

    I really want azzy to be my mom and I LOVE the phone cases

  • Emilee Olinger
    Emilee Olinger 4 дні таму

    loved it so funny 😈😆😆

  • Tisheda Milsap
    Tisheda Milsap 4 дні таму +1

    I love. You. Guys so much

  • Richard Dalessandro
    Richard Dalessandro 4 дні таму

    Child: mommy can I cut a lime and put it in electronics?
    Mom: what
    Child: can I cut a lime and put it in electronics?
    Mom: NO

  • kexx racing
    kexx racing 4 дні таму

    Watch the background 6.34

  • Israel Rosa
    Israel Rosa 4 дні таму

    5 SECONDS LATER.......
    I Mean best hack ever
    Gloom : make a juicer :D
    10 seconds later .....
    ME :get over it sucks