Biden has fiery confrontation with retired farmer

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  • Апублікавана 6 Снж 2019
  • Joe Biden confronted a man at a town hall in New Hampton, Iowa, calling him "a damn liar" after he pressed the former vice president on his son's business ties to Ukraine.
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  • Chris
    Chris 2 дні таму

    Joe looked his usual .09 BAC.....

  • David Kaufman
    David Kaufman 8 дзён таму

    The biden nut show lmao

  • Shawn Futch
    Shawn Futch 11 дзён таму

    He did not say "you did anything wrong"

  • Greg W. Tyree
    Greg W. Tyree 22 дні таму


  • Judson Hurd
    Judson Hurd 27 дзён таму

    Joes dislikes: fat old farmers.
    Joes likes: little kids jumping on his lap

  • shoeless robert john joe jackson
    shoeless robert john joe jackson 27 дзён таму

    Biden is a complete azzhole. But what does that say about Obama for picking him as his V.P.?

  • Curtis Hinkle
    Curtis Hinkle 28 дзён таму

    Potty mouth biden,,, wow, farmer must have hit a nerve eh?

    M&M PRIME Месяц таму


  • John W
    John W Месяц таму

    Sounding like a bully!

  • Antonio Sarmiento
    Antonio Sarmiento Месяц таму

    INFOWARS still a thing?? Thought the crazy guy from Austin was being sued out of existence .

  • Nihs Brek
    Nihs Brek Месяц таму

    He is still leading the race. Old people still like Biden. Why?

  • No One
    No One Месяц таму

    I would have have walked over about 6 inches from his face and in a calm tone state. “OK Boomer.” What a loser.

  • james olsen
    james olsen Месяц таму

    them why did he quit

  • ron thompson
    ron thompson Месяц таму

    what an idiot he should be locked up

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Месяц таму

    Joe Loser!

  • Dre Rivera
    Dre Rivera Месяц таму

    The retired farmer said, "You sent your son over there.." 044.
    @1:42 Biden says he said, "you said, I set up my son up". "Get your words straight Jack"!

  • Mark Swift
    Mark Swift Месяц таму

    Joe "big mouth" Biden is losing it. He might try to go after Trump on the debate stage. 🤼‍♂️
    Fire the SOB.🤣🤣

  • GirlycarDawn
    GirlycarDawn Месяц таму +1

    The first question was extremely reasonable. Biden is old as dirt and twice as filthy.

  • Steve Nevil
    Steve Nevil Месяц таму

    It's not even the facts in the questions: Biden got aggressive with his comebacks when he saw an 84 year old farmer get flummoxed by the attention. He's no better than Trump.
    You've been around a long time, Joe. That much is true.
    Go home.

  • Sal Tetro
    Sal Tetro Месяц таму

    He’s toast and more corrupt than trump

  • randy klein
    randy klein Месяц таму

    Your son's a crack head Joe!!!

  • KaiserWilhelmBear
    KaiserWilhelmBear Месяц таму

    Joe Biden is a pussy! That guy is a fake protester. Watch what he does when he gets confronted for real!

  • Christopher Ross
    Christopher Ross Месяц таму

    ABC edited out the part where Biden calls him fat. Interesting how that happened.

  • jjkhawaiian
    jjkhawaiian Месяц таму

    At least he no where around kids.

  • TheLaserQueen
    TheLaserQueen Месяц таму

    Though Protest Much... hmmmm

  • VGM
    VGM Месяц таму

    Angry at an American, friends with china? No thanks

  • sergio lozano
    sergio lozano Месяц таму

    Biden’s a Liar he’s off of the rails

  • Steve Hollingsworth
    Steve Hollingsworth Месяц таму

    Biden will never be president.

  • Jeddy Steve
    Jeddy Steve Месяц таму

    C’mon man!

  • Agent_of_Chaos
    Agent_of_Chaos Месяц таму

    Joe Biden is the real liar and has lost my vote 🗳

  • William Moore
    William Moore Месяц таму

    Biden Showing his true colors. Where the hell was he the last 8 year's Obama was putting all these regulations on our jobs, our health insurance, on our energy sectors. He didn't give a damn what Obama was destroying because he was one of them. Don't u people see what the democrats are doing. They'd say anything to get elected and when they are throw they're middle finger up too all the voters. While in the meantime selling us out to the Chinese, Russians, Iranian's, and who ever else can fill there pocketbooks. They'll tare down trumps wall and we won't have a country. They don't like the Constitution, remember what was going on before Obama left office. They were coming after our 1st and 2nd amendments. There crazy.

  • Andre Calvit
    Andre Calvit Месяц таму

    of course they leave out the most disgusting past of the conversation

  • Frederick Buckler
    Frederick Buckler Месяц таму

    Biden is a piece of shit, like the rest of the democraps....

  • Nat Jac
    Nat Jac Месяц таму

    Biden : Once and for all, I have to say that the Republicans (who continue to argue that Hunter Biden must have been involved in something illegal by being hired to a Ukrainian gas company) are misinformed. They say "He knows nothing about the gas business and is being paid handsomely" and they use this as proof that something is amiss. Well, its bothersome that no one has made the following point yet. Let's see, he is a lawyer and was hired to perform corporate governance best practices and was on the board of directors. 1. Most people know that typically board of directors of many companies include lay persons who are not in the industry and know little or nothing at all about it. Health care boards, county and local goverment boards, school district boards etc all do that! 2. He was providing guidance for corporate compliance and best practices ( one of the primary Functions of corprate lawyers). Which makes since for this conpany since they had previous cases of wrong doing. Perhaps they thought it wise to hire Hunter Biden in order to improve and show the efforts they were taking to conduct honest business. 3. As a lawyer, you do not have to be apart of nor have experience in a particular industry to be a legal representative. You don't have to be an athlete to represent a sports team, don't have to be a former teacher to represent teachers in a union, don't have to be a former doctor to represent an MD or hospital, don't have to be a former pilot to represent the pilot union or airline, and don't have to be in the oil or gas industry to represent or provide legal and consulting services to an oil/gas company. You educate yourself on the services provided, laws that govern that industry, and ways to for the company to conduct themselves ethically. Kushner and Sondland had no prior foreign goverment experience. Ben Carson had no knowledge of Hud and housing other than having grown up in the projects. Biden is not digging pipelines, he is guiding them on the laws that govern their industry and keeping them compliant legally!!! Guess what, Trump was not a politician and knew nothing about governing and now he is presidentThat is what Joe Biden needs to be saying!! I recall when republicans argued that Obama was inexperienced and unqualified because he was a 1 term Senator, yet they love and adore Trump not political experience.

  • akui88
    akui88 Месяц таму

    biden called the man "FAT" and said he was "TOO OLD TO VOTE"...

  • Glen Bard
    Glen Bard Месяц таму

    Guys like Joe Biden who finished near the bottom of their class both as an undergrad and in law school shouldn't challenge people to an IQ test. The physical challenge stuff reminds me of Izzy Mandelbaum on Seinfeld.відэа.html

  • Martin I
    Martin I Месяц таму +1

    Well, that fat retired farmer was very provocative and confrontational with with his ill advised remarks and yes I'd address him as "fat" as well!

  • Seven Wilson
    Seven Wilson Месяц таму +1

    This video is WACK! --> Because it left out the Best Part!!
    When that man said the word: ""Ukraine"" --> Mr Biden Snapped and looked at him to destroy.

    • Seven Wilson
      Seven Wilson Месяц таму

      And they cut it out!!!
      I can't believe it.

  • Ashley Sauve
    Ashley Sauve Месяц таму

    Not a good way to speak to an Iowa farmer. They're too ornery to be talked to that way.

  • OpenYourMind
    OpenYourMind Месяц таму

    That’s the first time I’ve seen him fully awake usually he seems like he half asleep

  • Wi To
    Wi To Месяц таму

    Biden put fat Jack in his place, just like he showed Pop Corn!!

  • J W
    J W Месяц таму

    Doesn't make sense for calling a voter who saw evidence and video of Biden's corruption a liar.

  • Beth Breyfogle
    Beth Breyfogle Месяц таму

    Can we see the uncut version?

  • Amy West
    Amy West Месяц таму

    Called him fat too, as a name not just adjective.

  • Nolan Hewitt
    Nolan Hewitt Месяц таму

    Trump will destroy Biden!

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Месяц таму

    F biden

  • Joe Jumani
    Joe Jumani Месяц таму

    Don't you guys have a third one ?? Biden seems like an elephant in a glasshouse...!! After all it should have been a slamdunk right ??!

  • Starwood CHARLIE
    Starwood CHARLIE Месяц таму

    TRUMP AND BIDEN HAVE ALLOT IN COMMON. I agree that no one should hold a billion dollars approved by Congress to a foreign country due to their personal problems. If a person does that, it is corruption and that individual is not fit to be president! The video below is a MUST WATCH!!!

  • Ian Stephens
    Ian Stephens Месяц таму

    pedo joe

  • efknight
    efknight Месяц таму +6

    Conveniently cuts out the parts where Biden called him sedentary and fat.

  • Phown1337
    Phown1337 Месяц таму

    Here Lies Joe Biden's Campaign 2020

  • Eddie Green
    Eddie Green Месяц таму

    Another democrat trying to throw his power around.
    Biden son should be subpoena for the impeachment hearings

  • Life In The Faith Lane
    Life In The Faith Lane Месяц таму

    Wow, what happened to him calling the guy 'fat'? And being too old to vote for him? Edited that out, eh? Maybe ABC made a little mistake, like when they showed a video purporting to be in the Middle East that was filmed in the Southern US?

  • Vean Whitcher
    Vean Whitcher Месяц таму

    The Secret Service is going to have to drag somebody off this guy I'm afraid, he has a long year in front of him. Maybe they can send him to anger mgt.

  • Mark Berber
    Mark Berber Месяц таму

    “Let’s do an IQ test”, says Mr. Biden to the voter who asked a legitimate question. Is that an insulting, belittling and grandiose response? So disappointing.

  • Whataburger
    Whataburger Месяц таму

    If that retired farmer was George Soros you would be damn sure Joe Biden would not have insulted him as fat and old. No payouts? Sorry you don't matter.

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers Месяц таму

    Biden has fiery confrontation with retired fatty

  • Sawtooth Survival
    Sawtooth Survival Месяц таму

    Joe Had a Boner.

  • Cappyg69
    Cappyg69 Месяц таму

    Come on man! Jo(k)e Biden

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred Hoffman Месяц таму

    Like a little kid who lost his temper and the clapping seals. 😆😂