10 Desperate Celebs Who Need To Stop Trying

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  • Апублікавана 7 Снж 2017
  • These famous people are trying way too hard!
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    We understand fame is hard enough to get, let alone keep it. That’s why it’s not surprising many celebrities get pretty desperate in their attempts to stay relevant. But how far is too far when it comes to making headlines? From a child star who pleaded with fans for money to a rapper who posed in a raunchy photoshoot in order to “break the internet,” these are 10 desperate celebs who need to stop trying.
    While it’s never easy to transition from being a child star to having the same fame as an adult, that doesn’t stop celebrities from trying. Sadly, as history has shown, it usually never works. When it does happen, stars get creative. Want to know which child star begged fans to support his new music career by donating money to him? You’ll have to watch the video to see.
    If that doesn’t sound desperate enough, we will also show you which star might be getting plastic surgery to keep fans talking. And another celebrity who released a tell-all book about his days on a popular 90’s teen tv show. Both accounts prove just how desperate some people will go to make a buck and keep the spotlight.
    We are also going to talk about Tara Reid, Drake Bell, Rita Ora and what they are doing to make headlines. Once you are done with our video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below!
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  • TenzY
    TenzY 2 гады таму +3333

    *when did Talko become savage*

    • Niemand Niemand
      Niemand Niemand Месяц таму

      @SIN Jones 💩💩💩of rap

    • Niemand Niemand
      Niemand Niemand Месяц таму

      Not savage at all just fact the ones who got butthurt are the fantrolls of those desperate celebrities

    • Tiff Prendergast
      Tiff Prendergast 2 месяцы таму

      TenzY years ago

    • Jeselle Marquez
      Jeselle Marquez 5 месяцаў таму

      TheTalko did y’all just do that lmao!

    • Bhanu Chandran
      Bhanu Chandran 6 месяцаў таму

      Ryan Seacrest...come on, dude...seriously..? rehashing content from other channels and hardly any original content these days. #Talko being a #Ryan Seacrest Production, you can easily raise the bar!

  • Ashish Saulick
    Ashish Saulick 12 дзён таму

    This channel is one sided now?

  • OMG Elizabeth
    OMG Elizabeth 16 дзён таму

    The talko is desperate and needs to stop trying

  • Linnea Googoo
    Linnea Googoo 18 дзён таму

    I dont think they need to stop trying I think u do LMFAO.....!!!'''

  • Send Me To Space
    Send Me To Space 22 дні таму


  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 24 дні таму

    I really do not like that Celebrity SuperWoman Lilly I'm not going to watch her videos or subscribe to her channel although she did make a few good points about there being some racists but if you watch no bullshit videos then many will see that she will bash away at anyone so I'm not interested at all and there are many like her imitating the worst behaviors of a lot of men and women that have bad attitudes not caring about fans or anyone now here is another thing many can be considered haters for eirher not agreeing with others or just speaking there mind but a true honest hater is someone that won't hold back and will make comments like personel attacks on people just for how they look or where they come from and in schools you will find bullies often do the same things after all they wanna run with a bad crew and feel empowered no matter how bad behaviors are you can also see in the eyes and facial expressions of just how for real these haters are also don't go thinking that a famous person playing a nice character in the movies is necessarily a good nice kind person in real life just remember Hollywood is so fake you can see through it like a plastic container

  • Undertaleart
    Undertaleart 26 дзён таму

    Honestly, I truly agree. Like, these celebs try far too hard, since they have lost their glint. It’s annoying when they do stupid things to get attention or be famous.

  • terra diamond
    terra diamond 26 дзён таму

    Nikki is a sexy queen, she doesn't even need to try,so I disagree

  • Moon Child Tyla
    Moon Child Tyla Месяц таму

    usher cant help but be hot lol

  • Scratch Acid
    Scratch Acid Месяц таму

    You forgot Aaron Carter. He should be #1.

  • Noah Hill
    Noah Hill Месяц таму

    DID YOU JUST COME FOR NICKI MINAJ THE QUEEN OH NO SIS IM Unsupcribeing BYE $@“,!&@&!?$#&@&$#

  • Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
    Zoe Tremain-Woodcock 2 месяцы таму

    wheres jb?

  • aldo mayorga
    aldo mayorga 2 месяцы таму

    Lmbo the title

    MIN YOONGI 2 месяцы таму +1

    Out of all of them , I hate blac chyna the most

  • Dilma Chicas
    Dilma Chicas 2 месяцы таму +1

    The talko is calling you out

  • Tiff Prendergast
    Tiff Prendergast 2 месяцы таму

    Who would crush on Kanye

  • meya tasker
    meya tasker 2 месяцы таму

    i hate niki cardi is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better so she the most despite

  • Germain josh lamb
    Germain josh lamb 2 месяцы таму

    Minaj queen of rap pffft GTFOH

  • His Wifey
    His Wifey 2 месяцы таму

    You forgot to add The Talko on the list.

  • Danny Lones
    Danny Lones 2 месяцы таму

    damn fy for ora

  • NZia Naushin
    NZia Naushin 3 месяцы таму

    I deeply agreed with the Nick Minaj. Her butt is perfect for this list😂😂😂🤣

  • Reginald Lovegood
    Reginald Lovegood 3 месяцы таму

    İf I had Drake Bell s dick I would be a porn star

  • Kay T
    Kay T 3 месяцы таму

    Desperate? Being the next big thing takes time and a lot of hard work. I sit behind a desk and I am desperate to rock the next big project and desperate for a promotion. So if I was an entertainer, I would be desperate to stay on top.

  • Mac
    Mac 3 месяцы таму +1

    Dustin Diamond is a SHAMELESS, PATHETIC, LOSER!💩💩

  • Zikisa Gumm
    Zikisa Gumm 3 месяцы таму

    I an sorry to say this but talko is savage and its not that these celebrities are desperate but they are trying to maintain their careers and I think talko is just trying to give people what they "want" but people actually want what's best for them and I don't think we want our favourite celebrities sink so I think this video is very wrong and discouraging to our celebrities.pra

  • Melody Medlock
    Melody Medlock 4 месяцы таму

    Usher, really? Most celebrities flood their social media with pictures of themselves. That is why fans follow them. Some of these are crazy and some "celebrities" we haven't heard a thing about in quite some time. Not to mention some of the things said in this video were down right unnecessary.

  • Mukunda Acharya
    Mukunda Acharya 4 месяцы таму

    Miley Cyrus?

  • DeadlyKitten9000
    DeadlyKitten9000 4 месяцы таму

    Remember when Drake was showing up at Disneyland almost every single day?

  • Not _Beatriz
    Not _Beatriz 4 месяцы таму

    Niki minaj is always boobieactive

  • Ur_friendlyNeighborhood_Obama
    Ur_friendlyNeighborhood_Obama 4 месяцы таму

    Ummm nicki is THE QUEEN 👑

  • Benjamin Morais
    Benjamin Morais 4 месяцы таму +1

    Say rita ora right LOL

  • R J
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  • sakari wright
    sakari wright 4 месяцы таму

    I like Nicki but I wouldn’t call her the queen of rap

  • phomolicious matlou
    phomolicious matlou 4 месяцы таму +1

    the talko needs to stop trying.the fact that nicki minaj was on the cover shows that they a thirsty to get clout so much so that this video is very irrelevant. just saying come on we all know nicki=flashy clothes+pink or bright cars+bright clothes+rap queen=THE ALL KNOWN QUEEN NICKI.

  • luna nevaeh
    luna nevaeh 4 месяцы таму

    usher doesnt need to be desperate for attention , he is an R&B legend , and nicki minaj as a rapper in the 21st century , thats what people want to see and hear now and days, smh

  • Sandra Cardoso
    Sandra Cardoso 5 месяцаў таму

    The talko should have been on this list

  • Young the children
    Young the children 5 месяцаў таму

    Drake bells is really desperate to be relevant his new music is trash

  • Marvia Mcleish
    Marvia Mcleish 5 месяцаў таму

    Nicki Minaj is not desperate

  • beautiful disaster
    beautiful disaster 5 месяцаў таму

    I thought it was "making the band" mandella effect anyone?

  • yass nnej
    yass nnej 5 месяцаў таму

    Why wasn't Justin beiber or Chris Brown on here. Nicki definitely should not be on here.

  • yass nnej
    yass nnej 5 месяцаў таму

    Nah Nickis not cancelled. Bad list

  • Faisal Grande
    Faisal Grande 5 месяцаў таму +2

    “Desperate celebrities who need to stop trying”
    “Number one, the talko.”

  • Pride
    Pride 5 месяцаў таму +1

    Usher's snap look like he was taking a dunk on the toilet lol

  • UwU oMl iM So quiRckY
    UwU oMl iM So quiRckY 5 месяцаў таму +1


    CANDY FOSTER 5 месяцаў таму


    CANDY FOSTER 5 месяцаў таму


  • ej terry
    ej terry 5 месяцаў таму

    2:45 Did anyone else hear her say movie instead of move?

  • Dan the Chatterbox
    Dan the Chatterbox 5 месяцаў таму

    Rita is still in th charts she shouldn't be on this list

  • no cap
    no cap 5 месяцаў таму

    That's Nicki Minaj over all personality have you seen her music videos

  • BrattyBeatz Gacha Vids and More!
    BrattyBeatz Gacha Vids and More! 5 месяцаў таму +1

    They got it all wrong nicki does not need to go
    Even if she does she will always be a queen 👑
    Back again#lyrics

  • Johana Pink
    Johana Pink 6 месяцаў таму +1

    The talko celeb r the most desperate 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kat Paynesbanana
    Kat Paynesbanana 6 месяцаў таму

    Some with true but stfu Rita is queen

  • Gene Reno
    Gene Reno 6 месяцаў таму

    Not defending Blac china, but she was with tyga before keile Jenner. Kellie hooked up with him after her. The Kardashians are known for stealing other peoples men. But I do agree she is a game whore lol

  • Kandi B.
    Kandi B. 6 месяцаў таму

    Nikki probably running from Cardi busting out her tail lights. 😂

  • Esmeralda Thatsme
    Esmeralda Thatsme 6 месяцаў таму

    The talko should be on this video lol hahahhaah

  • Maya Castro
    Maya Castro 6 месяцаў таму

    Why the hell would celebrity sluts do the most stupidest things to get attention.

  • smh.yasminxo
    smh.yasminxo 6 месяцаў таму

    0:32 - Tila Tequila
    1:37 - Rita Ora
    2:49 - Dustin Diamond
    3:51 - Drake Bell
    5:02 - Tara Ried
    5:59 - Cory feldman
    7:04 - Blac Chyna
    8:15 - Aubrey O'day
    9:14 - Usher
    10:16 - Nicki Minaj

  • Jez Veen
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  • Eleecia Davies
    Eleecia Davies 6 месяцаў таму

    Nicki is a queen 👑

  • Mujj
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    James Charles